Educational Psychology Services

Willow Tree Learning can offer the full range of services associated with Educational Psychology. We are person centred, strengths based practitioners, who use a range of assessment tools to evaluate educational needs. Through consultation with key adults in school and from home, through dialogue, observation and direct working with the child or young person, we are able to baseline skills and recommend interventions to support the next steps of learning. We are also able to work with schools and settings as systems, and use psychology to inform development and evaluate impact. Educational Psychologists are able to support with:

  • Assessment and intervention to overcome barriers to learning, including those associated with autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, specific approaches to learning and cognition, speech, language and communication, sensory and physical impairment, as well as social, emotional and mental health needs.
  • Applying psychological theories linked to learning, motivation, attribution, self-efficacy and behaviour, to understand and support development of children and young people.
  • Observing systems and social interactions, promote reflection and review, facilitating improvement and conscious planning.
  • Using psychology to positively affect change for children, families and educational systems.
  • Professional Supervision and Coaching for Head teachers and SENCOs promoting reflective practice and continued professional development.