SENCO Training

Willow Tree Learning is able to offer a range of training for SENCOs and SEN Practitioners throughout their SEN career. For new SENCOs, Willow Tree Learning offers a bespoke SENCO New to Role (NTR) induction programme which provides practical support and resources to SENCOS or Assistant SENCOS (with or without QTS.) Half termly meetings enable structured support to those Colleagues new to the role and provide an interleaved approach to learning and practice.

New and Experienced SENCOs and SEN Practitioners can join the Essential SENCO Network. The network provides SENCOs and SEN Practitioners with a professional forum for reflection, dialogue and development.

Our network meetings are held termly across five venues, (Norwich, Hethel, Great Yarmouth, Kings Lynn and Cringleford.) Each meeting last for 2.5 hours and contains 30 minutes national and local news updates, plus 2 CPD taster sessions. For example, executive function skills and annual strategic planning for SENCOs.

Willow Tree Learning is also working within the Eastern Partnership on the National Award in SEN Co-ordination. Judith Carter is a tutor on this accredited training course. Similarly, the Advanced SENCO Award (part of the suite of SENCO training offered by the Eastern Partnership) is also provided by Willow Tree Learning. This CPD opportunity is available to experienced SENCOs who were not required to complete the National Award or SENCOs who have successfully completed the National Award. Further information about the Advanced SENCO Award and the National Award in SEN Co-ordination is available at:

Information on the Advance SENCO Award can be downloaded here